Notice of Return Policies and Aftersales Issues

Thank you for purchasing Savvytech Security’s products. We are committed to providing reliable products and services to our customers. 

After sale Services: If you run into any technical issues with our product or even if you believe that the product you received is defective, please first call our Telephone Technical Support at the first instance. Our team of experts will assist you with your problems and will also provide you with a helpful return should that be deemed necessary. Please call 626‐961‐3999 between 8:30AM‐5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time (USA)

Return Policy: Within 30 days of purchase, we accept: returns, store credit, and refund. You must first contact our Technical Support Team/Customer Service to obtain an RMA Form. You must fill this form and attach it to the returning package. Returns without a properly filled RMA Form attached to the packaging will not be accepted. Returned product must not be defective (other than clear quality defects) and all original accessories and packaging must be in place to qualify for a full refund or store credit. Otherwise, it will be at our discretion to either make a partial refund or to reject your return.

Outside of the 30 day return period stated above, we only accept returns by reason of clear quality defects after Telephone Technical Support yielded no success. All of our DVRS, NVRS, IP CAMERAS, HD‐CVI CAMERAScarry a 3 Year Limited Warranty. PTZ carry a 2 Year Limited Warranty. Accessories carry a 1 Year LimitedWarranty.

We reserve the right to determine whether or not the returned product has quality defects. Please note that quality defects do not include physical damages and damages caused by misuse or mishandling. We will notify you within seven business days of our determination and upon our approval, we will issue a refund or credit within fifteen business days. Returned products must not be defective (other than clear quality defects) and all original accessories and packaging must be in place to qualify for a full refund or store credit. Otherwise, it will be at our discretion to either make a partial refund or to reject your return.

Please cooperate with our technical support team prior to any attempts of returning a product. Failure to cooperate may result in a delayed or denied refund. All shipping charges for returning products are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Optional Advanced Replacement Agreement


This is an optional agreement entered into between Savvytech Security and our trusted purchasing customers(hereinafter “Purchasers”). By signing below Savvytech Security. and the undersigned Purchasers agree as tothe following Advanced Replacement terms:

1. Within product warranty period, if the Purchaser (a) find our product to be defective and (b) after telephonetechnical support with Savvytech Security yielded to no satisfactory result, and (c) therefore requests SavvytechSecurity to replace the defective product, Savvytech Security shall immediately comply with the replacementrequest.

2. The Purchaser must within ten business days of making the replacement request return the defectiveproduct to Savvytech Security. Savvytech Security’s replacement obligation is specifically not contingentupon receiving the returned product. This arrangement is to benefit the Purchaser by shortening thePurchaser’s waiting time for replacement.

3. After Savvytech Security receives the returned defective product but determines the defect is not due to qualityreasons Savvytech Security shall immediately notify the Purchaser. Non‐quality reasons for example includeshipping damages, cut wires, and other signs of misuse or mishandling are specifically not covered under thisagreement. Upon aforesaid notice Savvytech Security is hereby pre‐authorized by the Purchaser to charge 60% ofthe product’s sales price from the Purchaser’s credit card on file. Savvytech Security shall thereafter ship the samereturned product back to the Purchaser with a brief written explanation.

4. If the Purchaser fails to return the defective product within ten business days after having received thereplacement product, the replacement product will be deemed a purchase at full price. Purchaser hereby pre‐authorizes Savvytech Security to charge the full purchase price from their credit card on file. If SavvytechSecurity later receives the defective product out of time Savvytech Security shall promptly ship the same productback to the Purchaser.

5. If the Purchaser dispute Savvytech Security’s determination stated in the above paragraph 3 or if the partieshave any dispute arising out of any and all of their business transactions it is hereby agreed that the partiesshall resolve their differences through a binding arbitration by American Arbitration Association (“AAA”). Thespecific location for the arbitration shall be an AAA office located at the approximate mid‐point between theparties’ corporate locations so each party will bear approximately equal burden of traveling. The Purchaseragrees to participate in arbitration in good faith and shall promptly pay for the purchaser’s side of the feeobligation for arbitration. If the purchaser fails to participate in good faith or to pay fees Savvytech Securitymay seek proper legal remedies including a court order to enforce this clause, in which event the purchasershall reimburse Savvytech Security’s reasonable legal fees.